A child’s curiosity is precious. It is in this curiosity that a child reaches out to explore more than what he or she knew days; hours; minutes, even seconds before! We believe this exploration is necessary for mental growth and development. In addition, exploration should be “fun” to provoke a child to build a lifelong habit and desire for continuous learning; Hence, our motto, “Where Fun and Learning Roll Into One!” Because we believe both should go hand-in-hand.
We also believe a child’s exploratory learning must be safe and under the guidance of a trusted individual. Hence, “NANNY” in ShaNANNYgans! As “Top NANNY” of ShaNANNYgans, I promise we will dutifully:
• Remain watchful to ensure your child’s safety is priority number one;
• Encourage good manners and the sharing with others; and
• Teach your child to respect and care for the world around them.

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Owner Name: Angela J. Reasby

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