White Jasmine represents a unique blend of celebrating family rituals, traditions and customs in life.  Traditions are the fabric of our lives and they provide a foundation and recognition of who we are.  It is crucial to preserve all cultural practices and pass them on to the next generation.

Food is an integral part of all cultures and it is something that brings families and friends together.  The rich color and aromas of spices used in preparing Pakistani dishes are incredible, inviting and evidence of a hospitable and warm culture.  Cooking classes and television shows offer opportunities for people to learn about traditional spices, and authentic dishes and to catch a glimpse of a beautiful culture.  White Jasmine Marketplace offers premium spices and teas acquired from the best suppliers in the United States.

We also offer many imported items from Pakistan, such as beautiful scarves, exquisite bangle bracelets and home decorating items.  Many of our gifts are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen, exclusively for White Jasmine.

We insist on high quality, exceptional presentation and outstanding customer service.  Please browse our website, try our spices, and shop from our marketplace for opportunities to create a few of your own traditions!  Add a little spice to your life!  Huma Siddiqui, President and founder of White Jasmine hosts a weekly television show, "White Jasmine Everyday Cooking" on NBC in Wisconsin. 

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