“Our sales are 30% higher than they were at this time last year.”

-Stephanie Hunt
Owner of Bella Blvd
Wauwatosa, WI

Equal Opportunity Lender.

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting or growing their business is finding the money to do it! Some business owners will rely on their personal savings, others will bootstrap their financing together through friends and family, and others may get funding through banks or credit unions.

In some situations, there is another option … WWBIC. We are the State’s largest microlender providing access to fair capital for business start-ups and expansions.

WWBIC makes loans to small and micro businesses up to $250,000. We work with both women and men in analyzing their business’ financial needs and guiding them through the loan process.

Before applying for a loan from WWBIC, please carefully review this entire section, including the Borrower FAQ and the Loan Application Checklist.


• Have a written Business Plan.
• Will operate in the State of Wisconsin.
• Be an existing business with a successful track record and who is staged for growth.
• Be a start up businesses whose owner has extensive experience in the industry.
• Understand general business operations (management, financing, human resources, marketing, etc.).
• Have a strong credit history.

If you feel that you need support in any of these areas, before you apply we invite you to consider our Business Education and Financial Awareness Education programming.

Ready to apply? Visit our Loan Application Checklist to begin.