WWBIC's Strategic Plan

Who We Are:  WWBIC is a leading innovative statewide economic development corporation that is “Putting Dreams to Work.”

Who We Care About:  WWBIC focuses on individuals who face barriers in accessing financing or educational support.

What We Do:  We open the doors of opportunity by providing targeted individuals who are interested in starting, strengthening or expanding businesses with access to critical resources such as responsible financial products and quality business and financial education.

Our Social Goal: Improve the economic well-being of targeted individuals by advancing inclusive entrepreneurship and facilitating self-sufficiency strategies.

Indicators of Social Goal: 

  • Job Creation
  • Businesses Started, Expanded, or Strengthened
  • Higher Credit Scores

Our Strategic Focus: 2018-2021

  1. Grow and expand
  2. Provide exemplary customer service
  3. Create measurable impact​

6 Strategic imperatives guide our work:

  1. Promote strategic customer-centric growth
  2. Invest in our people
  3. Leverage technology
  4. Advance the WWBIC brand
  5. Contribute to the community
  6. Pursue global best practices to increase our social impact

Take a look back at WWBIC's 2014-2017 Strategic Planning Guide below and stay tuned for more on our new plan in 2018.