Stories of Success

Leslie & Alex Olano | Olano’s Empanadas
“WWBIC helped us build confidence in our ideas. Attending the Small Biz Planning Series was critical in our business development. The series helped us put our ideas on paper and gave us a great support system. It was a fantastic way to network and to present our business idea to others. The course and WWBIC helped us to take our dream and make it a reality!”

In 2013, Leslie and Victor Olano decided to do something they were passionate about and control their own destiny. Utilizing Victor’s background in the culinary world, they wanted to introduce a different cuisine to Southeast Wisconsin.

The couple took WWBIC’s 10-week Small Biz Planning Series, where they wrote their business plan and networked with other entrepreneurs. They opened Olano’s Empanadas, a catering business specializing in Peruvian baked empanadas, in November 2013. Leslie and Victor rent a kitchen in the incubator at HALO (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization) with a long-term goal of a cafe or food truck.

Olano’s Empanadas
Racine, WI
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