Mchete’s African Treasures, LLC

Mchete’s African Treasures provide Authentic Handmade Tanzanian Men & Women’s Attires, Jewelry, Hats, Artifacts, Tanzanian Folklore, Books, Carvings, Handbag, Fabrics, Zulu Hats, Maasai Blankets, Ostrich Eggs Artwork, African Art, Language Translation/Interpretation and other African Treasures.
We make custom make African attire for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, and graduations.
We sell and demonstrate various styles of headwraps/headwear and educate customers about African art, beadwork, fabrics, ethnic attire, hat weaving, traditional wear, and the significance of each item.
In addition, we promote the African culture to our customers and answer their questions by bringing East and Southern African products to them through our location, e-commerce, and social media and giving them quality time at the store.
We interpret the Kiswahili Language (African most spoken non-colonial language) to English and English to Kiswahili, both verbal and written.

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Black/African American, Kiva funded, Woman
7933 N 76th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53223

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