“With the amount of uncertainty we are experiencing, it can increase our stress response resulting in more cortisol and adrenaline which suppresses our immune system.  But you can do something about it, mindfulness is an excellent practice to reduce stress. It allows you to stop jumping from one thought to the next, and to reduce rumination on negative thoughts.  It is a skill that helps us notice thoughts, emotions and physical reactivity, allowing us to have a nonjudgmental curious awareness about a situation rather than shut down or over-react.  We see things more clearly and can respond in an effective way.

Mindfulness teacher, Connie Cudnohowski, has been practicing mindfulness for many years and has been studying and teaching the neuroscience of yoga, mindfulness and interoception (mindfulness in the body) for over ten years.  Connie has degrees in Communications, Political Science and an MBA.  She can relate to real world business problems as she has experienced the stressful dynamic of being an auditor in the finance industry, starting her own business, and integrating process improvement as a manager at GMAC.   She has been interested in the intersection of neuroscience, leadership and areas of personal growth for many years.”



  •  March 31, 2020
     12:00 pm - 1:30 pm




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