Small Businesses Need Us Now More Than Ever

During these unprecedented times, WWBIC’s team remains strong and committed to helping our small business clients and borrowers weather the economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. We are adjusting our programs, deploying our services in new ways, and reaching out to businesses statewide to offer our assistance.

As you might imagine, many small and micro businesses are struggling.

In one week’s time, more than 300 WWBIC clients have directly shared the new hardships they are experiencing as a result of the pandemic. Here are a few of their stories:

“Our business income decreased almost 90% due to the COVID-19 all of a sudden. It is obvious we can’t run business if this situation gets longer. We will appreciate if WWBIC could give us any assistances. Please help us.”


“I will not have the income needed to pay bills and rent. My landlord has denied my request to defer payment to the end of my lease term.”


“No sales, suspended production, cut staff by 50%, laid off two part-time employees, not able to pay rent and other bills.”


“Today we closed our doors for the unforeseeable future.”


Today, these businesses need us more than ever.  You can help make a difference!  Whether you buy take-out from local restaurants, purchase gift cards for future use, or shop ‘local’ online, you make a big impact.  Our country’s economic recuperation rests in large part on the strength of our small business sector.

You can also support WWBIC so that we can better bolster and grow our state’s small business economy for the long term.

Please donate today or contact us to learn more on how you too can be part of the solution!

Thank you,

Barb Kueny
Director of Development

or mail your contribution to:

1533 N. Rivercenter Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212

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