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Talent Treasured

The magic of WWBIC’s team is the melding of staff and volunteers with a wide-range of expertise, interests, and dedication to growing small business in Wisconsin. We value the talents of our team and work together to bring you comprehensive services. While we have lots of answers, we may not have them all. But, we will help you find the answers you need!

WWBIC President & Chief Visionary Officer

Wendy K. Baumann accepted this challenging position in the community in 1994, providing the leadership required to insure the achievement of WWBIC’s mission and to uphold the philosophy of serving businesses owned by women, minorities and low wealth individuals in Wisconsin.

WWBIC Board of Directors, Committees & Advisory Council

WWBIC is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, Audit & Finance Committee, Loan Committee and four regional Advisory Councils. Our leadership is racially and geographically diverse; active in advancing WWBIC’s mission through their networks and connections; and a source of professional expertise such as accounting, law, marketing, business ownership and economic development.

Board of Directors
Finance/Audit Committee
Loan Committee
South Central Advisory Council
Southeast Advisory Council
Northeast Advisory Council

“For individuals looking for guidance on starting a business, obtaining financing, or for advice on growing a business, WWBIC is the answer. WWBIC’s proven track record of pairing education, mentoring and financing ensures greater success for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our state of Wisconsin is fortunate to have the team of professionals from WWBIC available to serve our communities throughout the state due to our recent growth and expansion.  Many lending institutions and individual investors throughout the state recognize WWBIC’s track record and are will to support its mission with financial contributions.  Our State’s economic engine is stronger because of WWBIC and its supporters.  I encourage you to reach out to our WWBIC team to gain additional insight into services we can provide to you and other businesses, business owners and communities.”

Steven SaLoutos, WWBIC Board Chair

Executive Vice President and Midwest Regional Executive, U.S. Bank Consumer and Business Banking

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