Ongoing Business Assistance

Customized Assistance for Your Success.

We are proud of the way we sustain relationships with our clients. Our corps of Small Business Consultants and professional volunteers offer this ongoing support to WWBIC loan clients:

  • Initial site visits to determine business needs – i.e. strategic marketing planning, employee needs, financial acumen.
  • Volunteer Services including one-on-one meetings with experts in specific areas of need – i.e. QuickBooks, branding, HR.
  • Networking Opportunities at local events and meetings.
  • Tools & Tips received regularly, including helpful local business events, email alerts, statement inserts.
  • Publicity for the business via WWBIC’s online newsletters and marketing efforts.Assistance in developing media contacts and submitting press releases.
  • Expo booth at WWBIC’s annual Luncheon event (1000+ attendees).
  • Referrals to potential vendors, buyers and other WWBIC clients.

In-Depth Business Assistance for WWBIC Borrowers ensures that business owners have access to the tools and skills they need to grow profitable and sustainable businesses.


Typically, our Small Business Consultant staff meets with a business owner after the lending process is completed. An assessment of the business’ situation is conducted, questions are answered and recommendations are made. Then, our staff and volunteers will work with clients on an ongoing basis, providing support and resources as needed. Our Small Business Consultants are experienced educators and former business owners who “know what it’s like” to operate a small business.

For more information about our Business Assistance programs, please contact:

Milwaukee/West Allis

David Smulyan
Small Business Consultant

Lily Alvarado
Bilingual Small Business Consultant

Travis Spell
Small Business Consultant

Athena Agoudemos
Small Business Consultant

South Central (Madison area)

Alison Dodge
Small Business Consultant

Southeast (Kenosha and Racine)

Kathryn Jackson
Small Business Consultant


Alia Carroll
Small Business Consultant, Northeast


Julie Emslie
Rural Small Business Consultant, Southwest

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