Black Business Boost

Aiming to narrow the racial wealth gap, the Black Business Boost Program encourages black entrepreneurs to position their businesses as a pathway to building generational wealth. Black Business Boost is open to start-up and existing businesses, and takes participants on a sequenced journey through four building blocks that remove the traditional barriers in accessing capital.

WWBIC, in collaboration with the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM), administer Black Business Boost programming. PNC Bank is a foundational partner.

Credit Recovery & Support

Black Business Boost understands the important role that credit plays in the wealth gap that has hindered black businesses. To eradicate this barrier, our program provides scholarships for program participants to recover and optimize their credit through one-on-one credit coaching with credit recovery experts to improve credit scores and financial wellness.

Acceleration & Incubation

Understanding the importance of black businesses to be able to make strategic connections, plan and grow in a professional setting, Black Business Boost provides scholarships for businesses to participate in Acceleration & Incubation programs that support ideation and growth for early stage and developing companies. Some options include (but are not limited to): Wellspace MKE and Upstart Kitchen coworking spaces; accelerators such as Scale-up’s SPARC, and RISE offered by the African American Chamber of Commerce.

Technical Assistance and Training

Black Business Boost provides clients with business technical assistance. This assistance is available in the form of business training, one-on-one business coaching, and group training events. Scholarships are available for WWBIC’s at-cost trainings, and all participants will have access to technical assistance services provided by WWBIC.

Equity and Loan Support

Black Business Boost recognizes that one of the biggest challenges that black entrepreneurs face is finding the money they need. As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), WWBIC provides fair and responsible lending to communities that mainstream finance doesn’t traditionally reach. Black Business Boost participants ready for capital are encouraged to apply. Lending clients are paired with a small business consultant to support them throughout the life of the loan.

Building Black Generational Wealth Series Training Sessions

The right business ecosystems can support and reduce the effects of structural obstacles to business building for black entrepreneurs. This series breaks down the four pillars of WWBIC’s Black Business Boost program and how it is a unique program that has created an ecosystem to help build black generational wealth for local entrepreneurs. 

All sessions are in person, take place from 8:30-11:00 am, and include a hot breakfast. NO FEE 

Schlitz Park Auditorium
1555 RiverCenter Dr., Milwaukee

Click on any date for more details or to register online

October 16 – Building Generational Infrastructure for Black Entrepreneurs

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Black Business Boost is open to start-up or existing businesses, and takes participants on a sequenced journey through four building blocks (credit recovery, technical assitance, training, acceleration and incubation, equity and loan support) that remove the traditional barriers in accessing capital. Once you apply, please check your email for next steps regarding Black Business Boost.


Questions? Contact:
Angelique Sharpe
Black Business Boost Program Manager

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