Baumann, Wendy President/CVO Phone: 414-395-4530 Email:
Gaines, Jon Vice President, Business Services & Finance Phone: 414-395-4531 Email:
Jatczak, Julann Vice President, Impact Initiatives Phone: 608-204-8902 Email:
Agoudemos, Athena Small Business Consultant, Greater Milwaukee Area Phone: 414-395-4533 Email:
Alvarado, Lily Senior Bilingual Small Business Consultant Phone: 414-395-4536 Email:
Bollig, Arlene (partner) Comienzos Business Counselor Phone: 608-204-8905 Email:
Charon, Jaimie Client & Collections Manager Phone: 414-395-4543 Email:
Curro, Zach Compliance Manager Phone: 414-395-4554 Email:
Dodge, Alison Small Business Consultant, South Central Phone: 608-204-8904 Email:
Dyer, Janine Staff Accountant Phone: 414-395-4558 Email:
Emslie, Julie Rural Small Business Consultant, Southwest Phone: 608-632-8041 Email:
Espinosa, Edgar Loan Officer, Southeast Phone: 262-925-2842 Email:
Felton, Rason Client Data Analyst Phone: 414-395-4547 Email:
Gajria, Hrishi Database & Technology Support Phone: 414-395-4555 Email:
Gwynne, Aevalina Financial Coach Phone: 414-395-4567 Email:
Hernandez, Rolando Loan Services Specialist Phone: 414-395-4751 Email:
Hetzel, Michael Director of Lending Phone: 414-395-4562 Email:
Hughes, Andrea Project Director, South Central Phone: 608-204-8900 Email:
Keckeisen, Lynne Small Business Consultant, Greater Milwaukee Area Phone: 414-395-4550 Email:
Kueny, Barb Director of Development Phone: 414-395-4553 Email:
Lara, Maria Loan Officer, Statewide/Hispanic Phone: 414-395-4540 Email:
Lemmer, Dan Small Business Consultant Phone: 715-370-6671 Email:
Lindner, Renee Urban Outreach Small Business Consultant Phone: 414-395-4548 Email:
Lipke, Amanda Regional Office Coordinator, Southeast Phone: 262-925-2841 Email:
Lohmann, Patricia Human Resources and Administration Manager Phone: 414-395-4568 Email:
Luckett, Darian Senior Loan Officer, Greater Milwaukee Area/Manager of Loan Sales Phone: 414-395-4556 Email:
Lux, Heather Project Director, Southeast Phone: 262-925-2840 Email:
Maddox, Hope Coffee With A Conscience® Manager Phone: 414-659-5365 Email:
Majcen, Tim Outreach Small Business Consultant Phone: 262-210-2734 Email:
Maldonado, Donna Bilingual Outreach Specialist, Southeast Phone: 262-898-5008 Email:
Manuel, Erika Development & Grants Management Coordinator Phone: 414-395-4570 Email:
Marchant, Mary Ellen Regional Office Coordinator, Madison Phone: 608-257-5450 Email:
Marks, Katherine Small Business Consultant, Southeast Phone: 262-925-2843 Email:
Michalski, Anne Project and Marketing Manager Phone: 414-395-4537 Email:
Miller, Amber Project Director, Greater Milwaukee Area Phone: 414-395-4545 Email:
Mollica, Rosie Regional Office Coordinator, Greater Milwaukee Area Phone: 414-395-4535 Email:
Mutz, Joe Accounting Manager Phone: 414-395-4557 Email:
Nguyen, An Loan Officer, South Central Phone: 608-204-8903 Email:
Orr, Christopher Loan Officer Phone: 414-395-4569 Email:
Plaster, Cassandra Education and Volunteer Coordinator Phone: 414-395-4546 Email:
Stribling, Lakeytheia Loan Services Specialist Phone: 414-395-4549 Email:
Sullivan, Lisa Assistant to President/Event Coordinator Phone: 414-395-4544 Email:
Webb, Genie Program Assistant, Southeast Phone: 262-898-5006 Email:
Westmoreland, Justin Small Business Consultant Phone: 414-395-4538 Email:
Wiskowski, Virginia Director of Loan Administration Phone: 414-395-4542 Email: