Stories of Success

Adelaida Alvarez | Coquettish Nail Salon
“I’m so thankful to have found WWBIC. You allow us to dream big and make your dreams come true. Thank you for believing in my vision, my dream.”

Adelaida Alvarez loves to work with people and was always very interested in the beauty industry. She decided to follow this passion and open her own nail salon. At first, Adelaida didn’t know where to start. Eventually she approached WWBIC, which she calls her “light at the end of the tunnel.” WWBIC gave her a loan to help start her business and continues to provide business technical assistance.

Coquettish Nail Salon opened in 2013 and has created three new jobs. Adelaida hopes to create 10 to 15 more jobs within two years, expanding her business and giving back to the community.

Coquettish Nail Salon
4518 W Forest Home Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53219