WWBIC Southeast students gathered around facilitator and WWBIC 25th anniversary sign.

FAQ about WWBIC Classes

Q. Can I come in or call to talk to speak with someone about my business idea?
A. Yes, there are many ways WWBIC assists with this process. We encourage people who are exploring entrepreneurship to register for one of our workshops such as Exploring Entrepreneurship, Will My Business Idea Work? or What Can WWBIC Do For You?. Our classes and workshops are designed to give detailed information and answer your questions in a group setting. We also encourage you to contact us to learn about other helpful resources.

Q. What if I already have a business plan completed and would like to apply for a loan?
A. If you already have a business plan and are seeking financing, you can access the WWBIC loan application on our website. If you have any questions with the loan application process, please contact a WWBIC office.

Q. Is there a fee for classes?
A. WWBIC keeps its classes and workshops affordable. As such, some are offered at no-cost and others for a nominal charge. For class descriptions and fees, click here. WWBIC also offers reduced-fee scholarships to eligible participants. Contact the office near you to see if you qualify.

Q. How will WWBIC’s classes help me?
A. WWBIC’s classes will provide you with business education and resources to start or grow your business. We also offer specialized courses on personal money management to assist you in setting up a budget and addressing credit issues.

Q. Am I limited to taking a specific number of classes?
A. No. WWBIC does not limit the number of classes you may register for. However, when you register, please provide the workshop name, date and time for each of the classes you would like to attend

Q. How do I find the classes I want to take in the area I want to take them in?
A. Please look at our class calendar to find classes in the area that are convenient for you. All of our classes and class locations are available on this calendar

Q. How do I register for WWBIC classes?
A. Registration for WWBIC classes is available online, right on our class calendar. If you have any issues with registering on-line, please contact us.

Q. Do I have to pay for the class in advance?
A. For specific classes, you may have to pay in advance. For example, due to the high demand of our technology classes, we may ask for advance payment. For most workshops, we collect fees at the door.