The process of planning funeral services is outdated and lacks empathy for grieving families. Time families spend driving to a funeral home, and paging through stationery samples and memorabilia upsells should be spent grieving their loved one and beginning to heal. No all-encompassing platform exists that allows families to digitally collaborate with funeral home staff, while also increasing funeral home efficiency and the health of their business. Executing the many tasks required for a funeral service is cumbersome for funeral home staff who are using single-use tools, archaic technology, and inefficient practices to communicate with families.

1Director solves the problem of inefficient, outdated, and non-collaborative processes by allowing families to make service arrangements from the comfort of their own home. Digital collaboration through 1Director increases comfort for the family during their time of grieving while improving efficiency for the funeral home staff. 1Director replaces all of the existing single-use tools and standalone products used by funeral staff with one seamless platform to make stationery, create videos, sign documents, accept payments, and so much more.

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