The new, easy, and effective way to protect the bottom of your designer high heel shoes!

To protect the bottoms of beautiful luxury high heels on the feet of women everywhere!

Company Overview
Protect Your Pumps was founded by Kathryn Jackson in 2011. After working years in the luxury retail field, she noticed women were spending a great deal of money on shoes with no real protection for their soles. As a serious shoe lover herself, it didn't matter if she spent $60 or $600 on shoes, she could not stand when the bottoms got dirty and scratched up really quickly. While some people don’t care how the bottom of their shoes looks, it is not ideal to sit down and cross your legs wearing a beautiful pair of Giuseppes and you show the world your soles which look like they have just been in a fight and dragged through the mud. Save your soles, ladies!

General Information
Protect Your Pumps is a protective transparent adhesive. The adhesive is placed on the bottom of the shoe (sole) and it is designed for shoes that have a leather sole. The adhesive is not intended to serve as a new sole, but its function is to simply serve as a buffer between the bottom of your shoe and the ground. The tape will need to be changed after every 5-11 wears. This number will vary depending on the length of time you wear them and surface you walk on. The adhesive will attract some dirt, yet it will keep your shoes protected.

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